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This page is about our website

List.  Sale.  Buy.  Shop!.

Everyone!  Please utilize our search engine to browse our electronic marketplace of sorts and support your surrounding communities and local businesses.  is a 'free read'.  No registration is needed to browse.

Registration is required to create an entry.  However, listings are always free for churches and non-profit organizations.

Announcements are also free.   All other accounts are very reasonable. 

An annual account only costs $65.00 a year.  So, whether your business is a public franchise, privately owned, or something you dabble with on the side, it never hurts to expand your current avenues. 

We work hard to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in building a local directory of businesses and available goods and services. 

We hope you find our efforts useful and will take advantage of this affordable  communication tool while supporting each other on MyTrain and also those in your local community.

Ready to include your business?  Just register, select category, choose The Maxton Train, pay $65.00 and you're set to go.

Need help?   Contact us via email or phone and we will assist you.

Keep in mind that wants to maintain a family oriented directory.  We also reserve the right to delete any entries/postings with no refund. 

Please spread the word about us.  Refer to our directory often and help us actively serve your community.  We accept accounts from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Note:  We do not personally endorse any vendor, member, visitor, or entry and assume no responsibility for any outcomes or agreements.  Also, we do not provide refunds as we strive to maintain extremely affordable prices so everyone can participate. 

Your feedback is welcome.  We always strive to better serve you.

From to you -- Enjoy your train car journey!


Remember:  There is no charge or registration required to browse.  Support each other and your local community by visiting often!